NSF250R Challenge

 HRC NSF 250 R Challenge is a one-make race held in J-GP 3 class at each regional championship in \japan, using Honda NSF 250 R. By limiting the entry of competition machine regulations to standard, it reduces entry fee costs, and it is a full-scale racer class.  The final race is the Grand Championship at Suzuka Circuit.

2018 Honda NSF250R

Official name

"NSF250R Challenge" Cup

■ Eligibility · Junior license: 13 to 16 years old

■ Basic regulation of the vehicle is standard

How we will choose the rider we will take to Japan:: riders need to compete in at least 3 out of the 5 rounds of this Cup. The rider who obtains the highest number of points will be chosen.

2019 Upcoming events

Round 1 St.george Apr 13 & 14th at Wakefield

Round 2 Hartwell May 25th & 26th at Phillip Island

Round 3 Sportsmen June 8 & 9th at Warwick

Round 4 Hartwell Aug 3rd & 4th Broadford

Round 5 St.george Sep 21 & 22nd at SMSP

Pre season races are for race bikes registered in any state, and the motor needs to be checked and sealed by our official staff
NSF250R challenges are 5 rounds and you need enter a minmum of 3 rounds
The riders who have NSF250R in Australia
from QLD: at least 5
from NSW: at least 2
VIC: at least 5
TAS: at least 3