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HRC Datalogger setup and useage

Power Jet Monitor
The powerjet monitor is a very useful tool for carburetor tuning using a detonation counter. The sensor provides a signal to the HRC data logger when the powerjet is on. This allows accurate tuning of powerjet size and cutoff rpm by comparing the actual powerjet operation with detonation. For example, you might see no detonation when the powerjet is on but detonation starts just as it cuts off. In this case you may have the correct size powerjet, but too early cutoff.

Installation for use with HRC data logger
The sensor cable will follow the data logger wiring harness from the rear subframe to the ECU.
DO NOT BEND THE SENSOR WIRE IN THE BLACK INSULATED AREA. It is a good idea to cable tie the sensor wire to the subframe on either side of the black insulated section.
  1. Connect the orange sensor wire to the orange wire on the data logger harness at the VM 3/4 connector under the seat.
  2. Connect the green sensor wire to the green wire on the data logger harness at the same connector.
  3. Lay the sensor wire along the main data logger harness to the front of the bike and secure as required.
  4. Find the grey wire on the ECU connector. This wire is the control wire to the powerjet. Join the grey sensor wire to the grey wire on the ECU connector using the clip supplied or by soldering.

Go to the configuration section of the HRC data logger software and enable VM3 at a sample time of about 10ms.
On the next data download, VM3 will appear on the logger output as a flat red line with a step up to a 1 volt reading when the powerjet is on.

Input voltage : 12V nominal
Current draw : approx 100µA at 12V
Output voltage : approx 1V with 12V supply when powerjet is on

Price : AU$68

This part is sold for competition use and carries no warranty.
If for any reason the data logger indicates a voltage of over 2V from the powerjet sensor, the powerjet sensor cable must be replaced before any damage occurs to the HRC data logger.