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Operating power is 12 volt into black connector.

For bike(RS125) just bypass to water temp gauge connector.

2 pin gray connector is output to data logger.


You can know counts of the engine detonation combustion by using this unit and the PI sensor.

The PI sensor tighten torque is 2.5Kgf.m(25N.M).

How to clear counts is pushing the switch on the unit. The unit is counted one time when the kill switch turns on and off.

These are reference counts from HRC tests with unleaded fuel.

Safe setting condition: 1~5 times per kilometer     
Engine damage level: more than 10 times per kilometer


Installing sensor on TZ125 or TZ250
How to modify Cylinder head to fit Detonation PI sensor.
1. Modify head by table drill
2. Make sure PI censor's way.
3. Pi censor, copper washer, then spark plug
4. like this!