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Race reports

2010 CEV in Jerez
CEV Round-3 Jerez
Well I`m back to Jerez since 1999, also this is the track I have memory with Norick.

FP1 I went track side to how Jack`s riding after good practice with
 Susumu(our Japanese mechanic from Japan) and Peter(our track side coach),
I could see already he was chasing and passing fast Spanish rider, but in 4 laps crashed,
we fixed quickly, then he got out stile in FP1, but he had another crash.
But was not his mistake at all, just part of experience as long as no injury.

FP2 He took a little bit get confidence back.

Q1: So nice to see #43 Jack Miller on the monitor first page screen!! 38 bikes

Q2: He did PB, but section times are over the place, same as MotoGP you can check
 which sector is quick or not.
If he put all the quick sector-time, he was around 13th position, but just one behind other
Australian Joe Taylor.

Race:He came back 15th that 8 position up, its always help one skill of good start.
3 lasp he was battle of 10th, but went wide into back straight then drop to 16th.
lest of whole laps he was battling other Honda A-kit bike and most time he was front of him.
me while showing the singe board and cheering Jack as Moto GP mechanics do!!
But he didn't see my last lap board, so he didn't know until come into straight
see checker flag, other ways he could get first point of CEV champ, because other
 rider knew that last lap and passed Jack last corner and one rider run out fuel on the
straight, so he could fished 15th!!
Well still much better than last 2 races.
So this is first time I saw Jack's smile after the race since last year Mallalla.
Catalunya 1a
2010 CEV (Spanish champion ship)

Jack Miller Finished 1st Spanish round in Catalunya CEV championship.

Qualify 33rd out of 38 riders, Sunday warm up in the wets he came up to 10th.

In the race 1st lap come back 19th and 2nd lap 2 more position up in to turn 10, but one of rider come into that corner too hot then hit Jack, he managed stay on the dirt then re join the race and finished 25th.

Andy Simmons
2009 ASBK news
Andy Lawson, Takes first round of ASBK GP125! Race meeting Symmons Plains in Tasmania. It was his 2nd Victory of GP125 since he started racing last year.
Jack Miller, 14 year old takes first victory of GP125 class ASBK at Mallalaa.
Australian Superbike Championship

Dear K1Racing Riders


We hope you have had a great start to the week.

We congratulate all our K1Racing riders who competed at the Australian Superbike Championships on the weekend. All K1Racing riders performed extremely well in the races. We are very proud of our riders and congratulate you all on your efforts. We would also like to thank parents, family and friends who attended to support the racing. Also coaches, officials and other GP125 riders who came to race on the weekend! Overall, a great success for the GP125 class in Australia.

K1Racing rider: (order is race number)

#11 Paul Campbell

#30 Dylan Mavin who made 1'39.051 (in the race1)

#48 Andy Lawson 1'42.266 (in the race 3)

#44 Jackson Leigh Smith

#58 Cameron Madders 1'44.779 (in the race 3)

#65 Blake Leigh Smith 1'38.732 (in the race 1)

#69 Jason Dunn

#99 Jake Horne 1'41.176 (in the race 3)

Well done Blake win the all three races, Very good battle Paul, Dylan, Jason, Jackson, Andy and Jake, it was so nice to watch the you guys battle, like Moto GP125 race!!

Well, Dylan going to Moto GP Redbull rookies in few days to race Jerez and Estrial, Jackson going to Germany to Race German championships, all the best for you too and looking forward to comeback and race with us.